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The World is Listening.

Now more than ever, education is the great equalizer.

Share your story with us, and we’ll tell everybody who needs to know—
especially those in power.

Over the last few months, students and schools have faced significant challenges from distance learning and national tragedies. Times like these highlight how a great education is the most important asset a student can have to effectively change the world!

So here’s a question:

How has your school delivered on the promise of equal access and educational excellence, particularly during these challenging times?

Show us your answer with a brief video. Tell us how well your school did—or didn’t do—in providing you a great education and you’ll have a chance to win either one of ten $2,500 scholarships to the high school or college of your choice or the Grand Prize of a $20,000 scholarship to the high school or college of your choice!

Even if you don’t win a monetary prize, you’ll have the opportunity for your video to be evaluated by a panel of celebrity judges and shared with millions of people.


We want you to be able to take charge of your education choices. The ten prize winners and one grand prize winner will receive their prizes in the form of scholarships, because we want to assist you in writing the next chapter of your education story at the high school or college of your choice to which you have been admitted.

We also want you to be heard. Tell us your story, and we will tell everybody who needs to know, especially those in power. In addition to the contest channel and our CER website, you may have the opportunity for your video to be seen by the delegates at both of the 2020 National Conventions this summer.

We’ve designed this video contest for students ages 13 and older, because we know it can be hard to get your ideas about education heard when you’re a kid. But WE want to hear from YOU, the students. It doesn’t have to be fancy. But it does have to be no more than 3 minutes long, follow the official rules, and be submitted by July 24.

Entering the contest is simple: First, upload your video to YouTube. Then, fill out the registration form below. Then share with your friends, family, and anyone else. While we encourage you to promote your video on any and all social media, the judges will only take into account views, upvotes, and comments on the YouTube video itself.


Tell us about your school experience over the past few months in a short video

Get your parents’ permission to post online

Publish your video on YouTube, tagging your school and including our hashtag: #MyEducationVideo

Get Inspired!


What makes an excellent #MyEducationVideo?

Don't worry too much about perfect lighting or sound or scenery; shooting this on your phone is perfectly fine.
We care most about your passion. About your authenticity. About your personal story.

Winners will be announced during our live streamed online awards ceremony, date and time TBD. So get going; all entries have to be in by 11:59 p.m. EDT on Friday, July 24. What, you had something better to do this summer?

Already Registered? Submit your video below!


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